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How much is home worth

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Home Selling Checklist

9 Things to Consider BEFORE Listing Your Home


1. HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: We have the tools. We know the

market. We are a network of hard-working individuals and

teams that want to help our clients achieve their real

estate goals. We want what you want and will be able to

adjust your marketing plan accordingly. This not only

applies to your real estate agent but also your

photographer, real estate attorney, painter, stager,

landscaper…anyone who is helping you maximize the

value of your home.

2. DECLUTTERING: If you’re anything like my family and

friends (or me), you may still have boxes in the basement

or storage from your last move. You were going to get to

those, right? Well, it’s time. If you’re going to list your

home, it’s a great time to declutter and purge. Remove

those personal family photos from the walls & refrigerator

and anything else that will get in the way of potential

buyers being able to see how their story will unfold.


3. CURB APPEAL: Besides the photos that are posted online,

this is the most important first impression you can make.

As people walk up to their showing or even as potential

buyers drive by, there is nothing more important. You get

one chance to make a first impression. Make it a great



4. DEPERSONALIZE: One quote I’ve read this year that had an

impact on me (that is sometimes the most difficult thing

for people to realize) is that you are not the main

character in everyone’s story. And when it comes to selling

your home, it’s true. I understand, it’s still your property.

It’s still your home. But you’ve decided to sell and move

on; so, this chapter is coming to a close as you await your

new chapter. You want your buyers to feel like the main

character in their new chapter. Yes, we want to tell a story

about what life would or could be like if they purchased

the property, but remember you want your buyers to feel

like the main characters in this story.


5. NEUTRALIZE: As you may or may not be aware, I am an art

teacher as well. No one loves all the colors more than I do.

However, colors impact how a space is perceived. Colors

impact human experience. Think about how you want

your future buyers to experience the property. Bright,

open, functional, comfortable - a home that they’re able

to preview and imagine how their life story will unfold.


6. HONEY DO LIST: You know the list that’s been running

through your mind for the past 6 months, scribbled on

post-its as reminders? The little scuff mark that you have

yet to put the magic eraser to... the loose doorknob,

replacing the burnt-out bulb, etc. Well, there’s no better

time than now to accomplish this list. If everything is

“dialed in”, buyers will not get nervous. When buyers see

evidence of a well-maintained home, they see a purchase.


7. CLEANING: I’m talking about as if you’re having the most

important people over and you need to make a great first

impression. Let’s start with a deep clean. Everywhere.

Cookies baking in the oven is out. Crisp, Clean and

Sanitized is IN!


8. REMOVE VALUABLES: Real estate agents will always

accompany their clients through properties they are

showing. However, I always recommend that you secure

your valuables.


9. CONSIDER STAGING: From personal experience: Stage.

Your. Home. Also, bring the outdoors in. Fresh, green

plants can really brighten up a space and literally breathe

new life into it.

Business Referrals

As a real estate professional, I have had the opportunity to work with many amazing people. If you have your own preferred vendor with which to work, great! If not, I have had the pleasure of working with the following people/companies and would love to work with any of them again! It’s all up to you! This is just a list to help you get started…



Dan Yelovich, Huntington Bank



Sheldon Straim, Prism Mortgage



Todd Becker, Loan Depot



Raymond Bravo, DK Mortgage



Mary Beth Wright, Cherry Creek Mortgage





Mary Lin Nicholson Real Estate Attorney (Naperville, IL and surrounding areas)



Robert J. Russo Real Estate Attorney (Morris, IL and surround areas)





Portraits of Home

Daniel: 847-800-6827






The BrickKickers, Naperville, IL


Mark Duoma, Summit Ridge Inspection Group




Kate Martin, The Perfect Thing (2 storefronts in Wheaton, IL) 630-665-5200 STAGING



Two Hands Interior Design, Glen Ellyn, IL

Core Interior Design

Gretchen Dockendorff

On Instagram @CoreInteriorDesign


Ivy Lane Home Designs

Beth Keller

(224) 578-1222



Dustin Perry 630-908-9955





Harke Insurance Agency LLC

Diane Harke 

Office : (630)501-3636

Fax : (877)501-9942

Home Selling Checklist
Business Referrals
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